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Romantic gondola ride in Venice (Italy)


 A gondola ride is one of the most romantic experiences in Venice (Italy)

Larger groups (as in the picture) rent two gondolas and drive “in convoy”.


The official prices – You should not pay more !

The price for a gondola ride is 31,00 Euro per person.
Maximum 6 persons have place in one gondola
Duration: about 30 to 35 minutes.

This amount is NOT negotiable with the gondolier.

But on the contrary:
On spot in Venice, the gondoliers usually try to bring
6 persons in a gondola and then ask for “only 31 Euro” per person.

The gondolier, which have the dock directly in centrum,
close to the beaten tracks of tourists,
ask for more or just offer a shorter route.

The price of a whole gondola (private service)
by booking in advance here about
is only 95,00 Euro.

For this you get the written guarantee that only the persons sit
in the gondola which you have booked.

The favorable fix price is valid the whole year.

The day trip (9.30-18.30 h) usually takes about 35 minutes.
Lunch break is from 13.00-14.00 clock.

Please observe the usual market economy rule:
Supply and demand regulate the price.

In the late afternoon and at sunset, the demand is greater,
so you have to expect the increased price of 119,00 per gondola.


A gondola has 6 seats

Maximum 6 persons can sit in one gondola

If you book in advance via a gondola ride we guarantee you in writing
that in the gondola there are only the persons, which you specify in your advance booking and
you do NOT need to share the gondola with other guests.

If you book music and singers, of course, the number of free seats is reduced accordingly.

Our tip:
Make your partner a surprise and give him a gondola voucher.


Well known picture of Venice

Best known and immortalized on countless photos are the many
gondolas that are located directly on St. Mark´s Square.

Overlooking the great Canal Guidecca and the church of San Giorgio.



Several gondolas under the Seufzer bridge.

From 22.07.2013 the city administration of Venice has issued, that nothing more
can be drunk or eaten in gondolas.
From now on there is (unfortunately) no bottle of prosecco allowed!


Particularly in demand: The late afternoon

Spring or Autumn are the two high seasons in Venice.

Especially in the afternoon and at dusk the gondolas are the most in demand.

You can use this to your advantage:
It is sufficient if a gondola in front or behind you
a musician with singer “on board” has.

His “O siole mio” sounds far through the narrow canals,
so you too can benefit from it.


View from the Campanile to the gondolas.

As you can see, a ring of pontoons (floats) pulled around the entire dock.

This will prevent the larger waves from channeling Guidecca.
(easy to see in the picture)


The cheapest option: Gondola ride for 2 euros

A little tip on how to get to a gondola ride without much money.

In several places of the Grand Canal larger
“multi-person gondolas” cross the canal.

The easy crossing costs you only 50 cents.
(For locals, tourists pay 2 euros)

As you can see in the picture, 2 gondoliers are at work here
to transport the passengers.


Pure romance, but expensive: music and singer

If you book music and singers, the gondola ride becomes a special romantic experience.

The singer (here on the left) is get up to sing, of course.
On the whole gondola ride of 3-35 minutes you can count on 4-5 songs.

Mostly they are whole groups in several gondolas to book music and singer.

Maybe you´re lucky and in front of you is gondola with a singer.



Directly in the center of St. Mark´s Square: Bacino Orseolo

The stop Bacino Orseolo we offer you here is located directly behind
St. Mark´s Square in the center of Venice.

In the picture a recording during the lunch break.

With an online reservation in advance you will be registered and thus preferably treated.

For an online reservation in advance you do not have queued up.


Busy ! What now ?

Especially in the high season, the rush is sometimes big,
that if often happens that the gondoliers you sent on.

The big cruise ships that dock daily in Venice hundreds of gondolas sign up to
customers from all over the world.

This many customers arrives shortly before you at the gondolier as a single customer, you hardly
have a chance to get a gondola.

Even if it is advertising in its own right:
Book your gondola ride in advance on
and you will be treated preferentially by the gondolier.
You do NOT have to wait and come immediately to the first place.

The Voucher your receive from us, acts like a “sesame open”.
You are logged in with your name and are expected.


Bad weather ! What now ?

The weather:

The gondolas drive the whole year.
By each weather
Aso it´s raining.

By raining you have following alternatives:


You drive despite rain. (You buy an umbrella or a plastic cape before)


You change the time by 1-2-3 hours. i.e. you drive sooner or later that day.
(Depending the weather forecast)


You change the day. Either on day earlier or one day later.
(Depanding on the weather forecast)

Go with the voucher to the gondolier and change your date or time.
It´s easy and always accepted by the gondolier.


The price list of the gondoliers
Price per gondola ride (with 1-6 persons)

Private service of a complete gondola with guarantee that only you are alone in the gondola 95,00 Euro
Private service of a complete gondola from 18.00 pm with guarantee that only you are alone in the gondola 119,00 Euro
Gondola ride with music and singer in your gondola 170,00 Euro surcharge
Gondola ride with music and singer in your gondola from 19.00 pm 195,00 Euro surcharge
Duration of gondola ride 30  - 35 minutes (depending on traffic)
Extra long gondola ride with duration 1 hour
Start: either 18.00 pm or 18.15 pm
186,00 Euro per gondola
Extra long gondola ride with duration 1 hour
by night from 19.00 h
240,00 Euro per gondola
Times from 09H30 to 18H30 and
from 19H00 to 20H30

Note: Small dogs are allowed free of charge.
The size decides the gondolier on site.

 is the official sales platform of the gondolier of Venice !

We work directly with the Gondolier Consortium in Venice (Gondolieri Travel).

All gondola bookings are carried out in the name of the gondolier.


Why you should book online


You have 100% certainty of getting a free gondola


You are preferably treated, even with longer queues


You have the guarantee that only the persons in the gondola who specify you are


You have the commitment of the gondolier that the trip takes 30 minutes.


On you have the lowest online price for a gondola


Online market analysis for a private gondola ride

As usual in business life, there are several suppliers for each product.

In the age of the Internet, it is very easy for you as a customer to determine this.

Search for the terms with a search engine:

“Venice Gondola”
“Venice Gondolas”
“Venice Gondola ride! or
“Venice Gondola Ride Prices”
and all providers will be listed.

We did this for you and have come up with very different prices:


Provider 1 

Price for a private gondola ride with singing: 80,00 Euro per person.
4 persons are required, so the whole gondola ride
for you and your companion costs 320,00 Euro.
Price for a private gondola ride with guide:
Duration one hour: 69,80 Euro per person.
4 persons are required, so a gondola ride costs only 349,00 Euro for you and your companions.
The provider advertises online with the note: Deep price guarantee

Provider 2 

Gondola ride for two 140,00 Euro, departure exactly 14H00 clock

Provider 3 

Gondola ride for two 140,00 Euro
This provider advertises online with the note: Best price guarantee

Gondolier directly

The official price of the gondolier for an online reservation is 95,00 Euro

95,00 Euro per gondola
You decide for yourself how many people are in the gondola (max 6 persons).
You also determine the departure time itself.

Is even cheaper ?

Despite extensive search, we at have not found any provider who offers
a private gondola ride even cheaper if booking online in advance.


You can control it online at any time and
you will come to the exact same results.


The gondola dock Bacino Orseolo in Venice.

As you can see, the gondola dock is right in the center of Venice.

The maps are form
© OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende


The exact route and the entry point can be found here: click here


Customer recensions

Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
the gondola ride was very nice,
everything worked well.
Best regards, Georg H.

Dear Mrs. Holzinger,

the gondola ride was very nice!

It´s all straightforward and works great.

Many thanks Best regards, Giannina S.

Good Morning,
yes – everything worked very well.
The weather was fantastic and we enjoyed the almost 30 minute ride.
There is nothing for me that could improve you.
The communication via email worked well and the voucher was also accepted directly.
Best regards Klaus F.
Hello Mrs. Holzinger!
Has worked great! Thank you for the organization!
Will recommend it!
Thanks and Regards, Patrick B.
Dear Team,
Everything worked fine. Many thanks!
Sincerely Rainer P.
Hello Mrs. Holzinger,
it was beautiful and everything worked perfectly.
Thumbs up, it was a unforgettable experience.
Thank you and best regards,
Heike S.

Do you want a non-binding offer by email?

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Time   (from 18H00 pm is evening tarif, last ride: 20H30)


Number of persons     (Only the persons you specify are in your gondola)
Other wishes


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You have the guarantee:

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- Your e-mail address will not be shared with third parties.
- You will NOT get Spam from us

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If you have questions, just call me:

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