Romantic gondola ride in Venice

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With the gondola through Venice (Italy)
The romantic route


The route offered to you on
is one of the most beautiful in Venice (Italy).


In the middle of the center in Venice (Italy):
At the far end of St. Mark´s Square through the arcades
you are at the departure Bacino Orseolo.


Bacino Orseolo directly behind of St. Mark´s Square.

It does not disturb Vaporetti and no high waves.


Expecially in the evening mood (from about 18H00 clock in the summer) the rush is particularly large.

Several parties “fight” about the few free gondolas.

First, this drives up the price and second, you have bad cards in your attempt to negotiate the price.

It is better, you book in advance for the guaranteed low price.


In the particularly romantic evening mood almost all gondolas are in use.



A constant coming and going in the rush hour.

Your advantage at the dock Bacino Orseolo directly behind of St. Mark´s Square is:
Here are about 35 gondoliers united
This guarantees you that almost always a gondola is ready for you.

Should the whole basin (Bacino) really be empty, you only have to wait 2-3 minutes
until a gondola comes in again.


Just a few meters from the dock the ride is quiet and tranquil.

The ride starts directly in the small narrow canals of the old town.

You do not have to long past the stinking exhaust of the Vaporetti.


Here the gondola turns into the big Canal Grande.


In the afternoon on the Canal Grande


Evening on the Canal Grande near the Rialto Bridge.


At the Rialto Bridge, the gondola turn into the Canal Grande.

There the ride goes for a short way through the Canal Grande.

The way of the Canal Grande is long enough to enjoy the atmosphere and the flair of the Canal,
but still short enough that you will not be unreasonably long big waves and
stinking fumes of the Vaporetti are exposed.



After the detour through the Canal Grande it goes again through the quiet dreamy
canals back to the dock.

The ride take about 30 minutes.



Often it goes left and right through the narrow canals of the old town.

From 22.07.2013 the city administration of Venice (Italy) has issued,
that nothing more can be drunk or eaten in gondolas.

From now on there is no longer (unfortunately) a bottle of prosecco allowed !



Evening mood in the narrow canals of the old town.



Do not worry: All gondolas have found their way back



When entering and leaving, of course the gondolier will help you


The exact course of the gondola ride


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