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Venice (Italy) Shuttle Service

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Fast airport transfer with a shuttle transfer

Watertaxi Shuttle Transfer

From Marco polo aiport direct to your horel in Venice (Italy)


A shuttle boat will take you from one to two times per hour from Marco Polo until the near of your hotel.

Depending on the passenger volume at the airport, the taxi leaves with 2 to max. 10 persons from Marco Polo airport to Venice.

There it usually stop most between 2 hotels and leaves persons on the left and the other persons on the right site get out.

That depends on the coincidentally composition of the passengers.
From there, walk to your hotel.

For this you will receive a small plan with the directions to your hotel.

Please note:
Only private water taxis go straight to your hotel.

Information about the private water taxi can be found here: Click here

On your arrival at the airport go to the counter and give the staff your voucher.
There you will be informed exactly the way to the water taxis at the dock place.


This offer is valid daily from 07.30 am until 22.00 pm
and is for flights which land between 07.00 am and 21.30 pm.

For the return transfer this offer is also valid from 07.30 am until 21.30 pm (Departure from Venice) and is for flights which start from 10.30 am.

The last shuttle service leaves Venice (italy) at 18.30 pm.

Departure times

The shuttle transfer leaves once or twice per hour from airport
to the near of your hotel.

The particularly narrow waterways and canals also the water taxis can not drive.

In this case we will bring you in principle to the nearest dock.

Here you get a plan how to best find your hotel.

The departure times depend on the arrival time of your flight.

Stop in Venice

The shuttle boat usually stops between 2 hotels and leaves persons on the left and the other persons on the right.

From the stop it is still max. 5 walking minutes.


Only 29,00 Euro instead  32,00 Euro per person

As a big buyer, we get a price advantage which we gladly pass on to you.

DO NOT pay too much

Children up to 4 years free.
From 4 years full payers.


If you search on Google for airport transfer for Venice (Italy)
you can find offer up to 32,00 Euro with the special note:
Best price guaranteed.


Die Wartezeit bis das Sammeltaxi nach Venedig fährt, beträgt maximal 30 Minuten.
Das heißt aber nicht, dass Sie immer 30 Minuten warten müssen.

Vielleicht haben Sie ja  Glück und das Taxi steht bei Ihre Ankunft
sofort zur Abfahrt bereizt.

30 Minuten sind nur die maximale Wartezeit.

Ganz früh am Morgen der spät am Abend,
wenn das Aufkommen an Fluggästen geringer ist
kann die Wartezeit bis maximal 60 Minuten betragen


Little dogs are free of charge
The decision if your dog is small or big, the taxi driver decides on the spot.

Return transfer

The taxi drivers send an email or a fax one day before your departure to your hotel and tell you the departure time and the departure place.

Online reservation

The taxi drivers are asking you to book your ride with the shuttle transfer in advance.

By registration on spot may be
that you do NOT get a taxi or have to wait a long time.


Unfortunately, the shuttle transfer drives NOT to the port of the cruise ships.

You need to book a privat water taxi: Click here

On the Canal Grande is a speed limit of 5 km/h 

Customer recensions

Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
Thank you for the successful and punctual transfer from and to the airport.
We were greeted warmly at the airport and passed on.
The evening before the return trip the fax arrived punctually with the dates.
We will gradly recommend you.
Best regards,

Dear Mrs. Holzinger,
we were very satisfied with the taxi service.
Both rides worked without problems!
Best regards,
Heike C.
Hello Mrs. Holzinger,
Everything worked out great.
Everything was to my satisfaction.
Many thanks and best regards,
Tim J.
Everything was perfect.
Taxi driver was already there.
Thank you and greetings from


Dear Sir or Madam,
Thanks for the good service.
At the airport terminal we were already expected.
The service employee has explaining the way to us.
The group was then complete with us immediately.
There was no waiting time for us.
Everything was perfect – highly recommended.
Best regards,
Christian D.
Do you want a non-binding offer by email?
Number of persons    Note from 4 people private water taxi is cheaper:   click here
Arrival time (Dieser Service gilt nur von 7:30 bis 22.00 Uhr)
Hotel name
Flight number


Your first and last name
Your email address:


Other wishes
(such as a return transport to the airport with date and time of return flight)



Privacy statement

You have the guarantee:

 - Your e-mail address will ONLY be used to answer this request.
- Your e-mail address will not be shared with third parties.
- You will NOT get Spam from us

Alternative taxi ride: A private taxi only for you

In addition to the offer of the shuttle transfer, which drives every 30 to 60 minutes
there is the private taxi “just for you”.


The private taxi drive immediately after your arrival


In the private taxi are only the persons you specify.


The private taxi will take you directly to your hotel.


The pure drive time between airport and Venice is about the same.
However the private taxi does NOT travel to several hotels in Venice.


The private taxi costs on base prices Euro 125,00 per taxi per trip


6. A non-binding offer you get here: click here

We help you: The team of

If you have questions, just call me:

Mrs. Gabi Holzinger (left) 0049 – 8171 – 911 60 84


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